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Genetically Link My Horse

Imagine the extra security that you would have with your horses Genetic DNA, linked to a Tamper-Proof Photo ID, that relates to the newly implanted or existing Microchip number, and, then along with a physical discrete Freeze Mark will identify him as a Genetically linked horse to his Papers and You.

Equine Genetics offers DNA profiling using hair pulled from the mane or tail for the horses sample. DNA typing has an efficiency rating of greater than 99.99% we will then present the data in a chart form which will be used within your own personal Security document.

The document, will hold the individual information concerning your animal, his breed, colour, markings, size etc., but also used for our central database for positive identification of stolen or lost horses.

This DNA fingerprint is a genetic code for individual horses of every type and breed and identifies specific gene markers.

If your Horse is Lost or Stolen we will immediately send photos and DNA details to:-

  • The Police Authorities by Area
  • All Veterinary practices
  • The RSPCA
  • All Equine Charities and Associations
  • All Shipping Ports and Authorities
  • Social Media Sites
  • All Animal Auctions
  • All Passport Issuing Organisations (PIO)

Equine Genetics already have the approval of the FEI, and have also been working in association with DEFRA.

Our DNA Document gives Improved traceability of your horse using photographic and cutting edge technology.  Increased peace of mind for you. Genetic science is now an affordable option and offers you the ultimate security available today.